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Our vision is to stop plastic pollution reaching the ocean within a generation

Plastic Oceans UK was founded by Jo Ruxton in 2009, after creating the film A Plastic Ocean, to raise awareness of the plastic pollution issue. That mission became a reality in January 2017, when the film launched on a global scale. Now through Education, Science and Policy, we will change attitudes, behaviours and practices on the use and value of plastics.

About Plastic Oceans

The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK is the founding organisation and a United Kingdom Registered Charity, registration number 1139843.

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Our Education Programme

What sets us apart as an organisation is that we have a global view of the issue and have worked with scientists for 8 years, out on the ocean and in the laboratories.

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The Importance of Science

Our team here in the UK has always believed that any information released by our Foundation is backed by peer-reviewed science and this was never more important than it was in the film.

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The Science Behind the Film

We went to great lengths during the production of A Plastic Ocean to ensure that what we were saying was based on facts. For too long people have believed the media hype about a floating plastic island the size of Texas in the Pacific. That island doesn’t exist. What does exist is far more insidious.

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“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the sea. No matter where you live”
Dr Sylvia Earle

“There is no ‘away’. Because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, it does not go away”
Sir David Attenborough

“Knowledge of the ocean is more than a matter of curiosity. Our very survival may hinge upon it”
John F Kennedy

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