Let's stop plastic reaching the ocean within a generation

Plastic Oceans UK was the first charity focused on plastics, and have been experts on the issue for nearly a decade.

Plastic pollution is crippling the earth’s ecosystems. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. Our addiction to single-use is to blame.

We’re here to help combat plastic blindness. We provide easy ways to make a difference, as well as detailed materials so individuals and employees can discover the truth behind the plastic crisis. This will start to cultivate the right values to create a wave of change.

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About Plastic Oceans

The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK is the founding organisation and a United Kingdom Registered Charity, registration number 1139843.

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Our Education Programme

What sets us apart as an organisation is that we have a global view of the issue and have worked with scientists for 8 years, out on the ocean and in the laboratories.

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The Importance of Science

Our team here in the UK has always believed that any information released by our Foundation is backed by peer-reviewed science and this was never more important than it was in the film.

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