About Plastic Oceans

Early Beginnings

The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK is the founding organisation and a United Kingdom Registered Charity, registration number 1139843.  It was started by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman in 2009.  Jo had previously worked for WWF in Hong Kong, where she had met Sonjia and subsequently as a film producer for the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Sonjia had always been an ardent environmentalist and living in Hong Kong she had seen first hand the damage our modern lifestyle was doing to the ocean environment.

Reports of a so-called ‘island’ of plastic in the Pacific prompted Jo to join an expedition to the region to see it for herself.  Joined by a cameraman she documented the journey.  There was no island! The truth, however, was far more insidious. The Great Pacific Garbage patch was more like a plastic soup of tiny plastic particles and these were getting into the food chain. The potential harm to human health was potentially catastrophic.

Jo Ruxton photographs a turtle

The Film and the Foundation

Jo was determined to tell the world about the harm our plastic addiction was doing to the marine environment and the possible human costs.  With a background in film making the medium through which to do this was evident.  She brought in cameramen and TV presenters, such as Sir David Attenborough and Dr Sylvia Earle to help make promotional videos, along with a team of advisers from the worlds of science, business, education and sustainability.  The groundwork for ‘A Plastic Ocean’ film and a not-for-profit organisation that could work towards stopping plastic getting into the ocean was taking shape.

Changing Attitudes

Turn the clock forward 8 years. The film has been produced and has been critically acclaimed around the world.  It is available in a growing number of languages and has been screened in front of the general public as well as world leaders.  While continuing to promote the film, the Foundation is now turning its attention to other projects in order to achieve its mission. We are supporting further scientific research including a systematic review of the available data. We are developing education programmes that can be rolled out into schools in the UK and further afield.  We are building links with industry, particularly those with close ties to the oceans, to encourage the exchange of best practice, cost and waste reduction methods and other activities aimed at reducing our plastic footprint and preventing it getting into the oceans.

Jo at Sedona

The Future

We cannot find a solution to this global issue overnight, but we believe that we can change attitudes towards plastic within a generation and this is a huge step forward.  We need your support to achieve our aims so please look at our ‘get involved’ page and consider making a donation to our charity.