Our mission is to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation

Where have we come from and where we are heading?




Who Are We?

Plastic Oceans UK have been experts on plastic pollution for a decade, starting with award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean. It’s been named by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time” and has ignited mass consumer awareness.

Now we have engaged citizens – it’s time to solve the crisis and change attitudes. Our programmes engage multiple audiences on the appropriate use and value of plastics, as we commit to long-lasting change. 

Our Education Programme

We have a problem in the UK – most teachers receive little or no training on the topic of plastic pollution and ocean health. We aim to solve that problem with the materials and knowledge they require. 

Our education microsite provides free educational resources for all key stages, which can embed straight into the curriculum. 

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The Importance of Science

We have always believed it essential that any information we release is backed by peer-reviewed science. When producing A Plastic Ocean, we created our ‘Science Behind the Film’ document to substantiate any of the film’s findings.

Through our relationships with leading scientists, we can fund reports into emerging solutions and use information as a source for our education packs.

Sustainability- Working With Business

Whether in products or packaging, plastic is used by a broad range of commercial organisations, producing products for consumers and business.

We work with a wide range of companies, to help them adapt to changing customer demands whilst reducing their plastic footprints. There’s no reason why you can’t prosper commercially whilst protecting our oceans.

We reached 15,000 school children between April-June 2019

Meet the Team

Jo Ruxton

Founder, Director and Producer of ‘A Plastic Ocean’

Simon Usher

Chief Executive

Geoff Brighty

Technical Director

Board of Trustees and Advisers

Philip Scales

Kirrie Jenkins

Philip Jenkins

Andrew Cartland

Professor Susan Jobling

Dr Lesley Henderson


Julian Lennon

Dr Sylvia Earle

Tanya Streeter