Introducing Our Education Programme – it’s different!

Our film, A Plastic Ocean, was the first tool of our global education work and it has already opened the hearts and minds of people all over the world and from all walks of life.  Our plan is to perpetuate and spread that message through our work in schools and with members of the public to turn the messages of the film into action and provide the wave of change we need.

What sets us apart as an organisation is that we have a global view of the issue and have worked with scientists for 8 years, out on the ocean and in the laboratories. We have witnessed and documented the disturbing consequences of ingested plastic in seabirds, turtles, marine mammals and fish. And we want to pass that knowledge to as many as we can.

Wave One is aimed at 11 – 16 year olds.

Our Approach

Currently this topic is not covered by school curricula so we have looked at al the compulsory subjects and brought the plastics issue seamlessly into those.  Our materials were designed to make the teachers’ lives easier!  Each pack contains the full lesson plan, Powerpoint presentation and all the necessary resource and activity elements needed.

We are now raising fund to produce Wave Two which will be STEM-focussed materials for all age groups and designed to fit with the UN Sustainability Goals.

Our materials are free to download but if you would like to help us towards our next production please click on the donation option!