Introducing our Secondary Education Programme

We have launched the first education materials for two of our subjects – Biology and Chemistry!

At Plastic Oceans UK, we have combed through the National Curriculum for KS3 and KS4 to find links with objectives where plastic could be a focus. We know that the curriculum time is often tight, so we have produced a programme where Plastic Oceans materials are designed to replace lessons already existing within schemes of work. They have been designed by teachers and include:

  • Differentiated learning outcomes
  • Differentiated resources
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Lesson plan
  • Teaching powerpoint
  • Embedded clips from the film A Plastic Ocean
  • Key vocabulary

The Plastic Oceans Education Programme is designed to be adopted as a whole school programme, where pupils are taught a Plastic Oceans lesson once every term, across all subjects, for 5 years of study. We know that the pupils would then leave their secondary school education as inspired and well informed citizens.

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Would you like to donate and help us create more programmes?

Our materials are free to download. But we are in the process of raising funds for Wave Two, which will be STEM-focused materials for all age groups and designed to fit with the UN Sustainability Goals. If you’d like to help us do this, please click on the donation option!