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Business Partnerships

Acre Foundation

ACRE are a sustainability recruiter and have chosen Plastic Oceans UK as their charity of 2018. They’ll be raising awareness by hosting fundraising events throughout the course of the year. These include taking on the ultimate Snowdonia challenge and a sustainable wine tasting event!

French Connection

French Connection partnered with Plastic Oceans UK to mark Recycling Week 2018. They designed two 100% cotton t-shirts (entirely plastic-free!) that nod to their iconic 90’s campaign. Each tee sold will donate 20% of profits to help us save the seas. Shop here now to get your own

Paramount Cruises

Paramount Cruises have partnered with Plastic Oceans UK as they are passionate about making changes within the tourism sector! They make bookings for cruises all over the world and want to highlight the plastic pollution issue to their customers.

Elsa's Organics

Elsa Organics pride themselves on using 100% natural products for their beauty products and have introduced their first plastic-free deodorant! They’ve partnered with Plastic Oceans UK to help create awareness of plastic pollution and the alternatives which are available.

Freyr and Fell

Freyr and Fell have an ethos of simple living and mindful approach to buying. They are supporting Plastic Oceans UK with their authentic knitted cotton bags which are an alternative to plastic bags!

Nalu Beads

Nalu create bracelets and beads which represent different aspects of the ocean. They have created a bead specifically for Plastic Oceans UK, which we absolutely love!


Texfelt have partnered with Plastic Oceans UK as part of their new underlay product which is made from recycled materials, the main component being plastic bottles!


Thinkbot is a premier product design consultancy. They have created a rotation board out of 100% recycled plastic, the board supports designers to write and draw. They are driven in rethinking product design and working this into education.