Last weekend, Plastic Oceans UK ran their education programme in Bali Indonesia! 250 teenagers from 21 schools across the Asia region attended GIN Bali 2018. GIN stands for the ‘Global Issues Network’; it is a chance for students to come together, share ideas and create solutions for global problems. The network includes 500 participating schools, which is constantly growing and full of new, changing ideas.

Friday night kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Lindsay Porter, one of the scientists in A Plastic Ocean. She demonstrated not only just how long the pygmy blue whales are that were filmed in the documentary, but also just how many teenagers weigh the same amount as the whales daily intake of krill (a total of 72 teenagers!). Next, the documentary itself! All children seemed equally enthralled by our planets oceanic diversity and inspired to stop the flow of plastic into it after watching the film.

Then followed a weekend of activities, including A Plastic Ocean Education team’s Making Media Matter workshop. In this workshop, young adults were given a glimpse into making engaging educational media pieces and posts, with tips on how best to capture an audience’s attention and to inspire change. The workshop participants then devised their own ‘minute in the media’ pieces which they presented to all. Before leaving Bali, all workshop attendees commmitted to giving up one unneccesary plastic, from this day forward!

GIN Bali 2018 itself was organised and executed with no single use plastic, the meeting was entirely vegetarian and all catering was from Bali’s only certified palm oil free kitchen. Well done all at Canggu Community school, the organisers and hosts, for aspiring to make that wave of change even bigger. A comment from the workshop participants

“Having Dr Lindsay here and the screening of Plastic Oceans was amazing, so timely and current. Her workshop was fabulous and very hands on and using the rubbish from the beach clean up made it all very relevant. Maybe it wouldn’t be the same person next time but I think having a keynote speaker like this really added to the impact and wow factor/publicity/hype surrounding the event”.

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