Plastic Oceans UK at Steppes Beyond Festival

By October 4, 2017Conferences
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Plastic Oceans UK at Steppes Travel Beyond Festival

We were delighted to be invited by Steppes Travel to have a stand at their environmental festival held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Sept 30th and Oct 1st.  Our stand received visitors throughout the event and with our film, ‘A Plastic Ocean’ being screened there too, there was plenty to talk about.

The highlight for us was the evening panel on the Saturday night that included ‘Her Deepness’ Dr. Sylvia Earle, professor Ed Kosior, Freediving Champion Hanli Prinsloo and our Co-Founder Jo Ruxton.  The panel was chaired by the brilliant Natalie fee of City to Sea and a lively discussion went ahead, running 15 minutes over time yet no one in the audience moved.  You can watch the whole panel event on our Plastic Oceans UK Facebook Page.

On the second day Jo Ruxton gave a presentation and since this was sold out the venue needed to be changed to a bigger one and this was followed by plenty of questions from the audience.

Our next event will be the global Our Oceans Conference hosted by Senator John Kerry and taking place in Malta.  Check our Facebook Page for news from the event.

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