We are delighted to announce our partnership with Pearlfisher at Chelsea Flower Show next week (22-26 May). The creative design and branding agency were selected to design a garden for the prestigious event, and have constructed ‘The Pearlfisher Garden’. Designed by Pearlfisher Founder, Karen Welman, award-winning garden designer John Warland, and world-renowned sculptor and environmentalist, Jason deCaires Taylors, the Pearlfisher Garden has been designed to highlight the threat of plastic waste to the world’s largest garden – the underwater garden of our great oceans.

It aims to become a call to action for brands, businesses and designers to create sustainable life-cycles for the packaging and products of the future. A combination of unusual and exotic cacti and succulents will create the shapes and colours of an underwater world and will creatively juxtapose the beauty and possible desertification of the ocean.The Pearlfisher Garden was inspired by an increasing awareness and a sense of urgency to use our design expertise to remove waste and reduce the environmental impact of everything we create with our partners.

We are very much looking forward to visiting the garden in person next week. You can virtually experience the garden here or visit their website. To stay up to date on social media, follow our hashtag: #thepearlfishergarden .