Happy Earth Day from the Plastic Oceans UK team!

Did you know we are in the habit of using half of all plastic just once, and then we throw it away? But there is no ‘away’. That’s why we have collaborated with UAL photography students to show the danger everyday plastics pose to marine life.

As more plastic is mismanaged and enters the ocean, it is wrecking havoc on the natural world. Sadly animals have no idea about it’s strength or purpose. The aim of the project was to put humans in their place, to prompt viewers to question “How would you feel”?  The percentage of marine wildlife affected by entanglement is high. Fishing nets are a problem, and sadly not the only one. Ropes, balloons, plastic bags and six-pack drink holders also pose a huge risk.

We’ve used these materials on the models to get you rethinking your consumption habits. The percentage of marine wildlife affected by entanglement is high.  The Science behind ‘A Plastic Ocean’ found entanglement has affected all species of sea turtles, half of all sea mammals, and 25% of seabirds.

We’d like to give many thanks to Tash Rutherford, Emily Kendall and Jamie-Lee Pepera who featured as models, as well as Saman Karamdaneh and his fantastic team for helping us shoot and produce this powerful campaign!