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We are leading four ‘legacy programmes’ following the production of our first major project- the film A Plastic Ocean.

Since its first preview screening in late 2016 at the Raindance Festival, London, the engagement of audiences across the world has been overwhelming. We are still doing all we can to raise public awareness. We are showing the film in festivals, schools and businesses, and public screenings from community halls and cinemas to university campuses, to ensure that as many people as possible view it. The film is also being translated into more languages all the time and short educational films are also being produced. We can provide representatives from the film team for viewings – for example, panel discussions and stories behind the film sequences. Please contact Tash on:

With awareness of the issue being achieved globally, our Foundation’s focus is now on the three legacy programmes to help stop plastic pollution.

We are developing an education programme that can be rolled out into schools in the UK and further afield. We will be releasing our curriculum first packs on World Oceans Day, 8th June 2018. Contact:

We are working with business to support their transition on sustainability in their use of plastics to encourage waste reduction, material replacement and other activities aimed at reducing their plastic footprint and preventing it getting into the oceans. To help your business think through your plastic problem, contact:

We believe science has a key role to help us understand the problem, and ensure we find the right solutions. We are promoting our Science Behind the Film document as a definitive evidence base – for anyone with an interest in this issue – consumers, businesses and students. We are supporting further scientific research, working with the new Plastics in Society hub, and the developing Global Challenge Research Fund programmes that focuses on UK and Indian Ocean countries. Contact:

We thank all of you for watching our film, and for beginning that path with us to change attitudes towards plastic.