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Sustainability – working with business

As the UK’s first environmental NGO focused on plastics, we are proud of the contribution we have made to raise awareness on the wastefulness of our society and the impact plastics is causing on a global scale. Following our film, we are focused on the legacy actions that will change that impact within a generation. A critical element is how business and society is able to effect change – in our use and re-use of plastics.

We recognise that there are many businesses now looking at their ‘plastic footprint’. Whether in products, or packaging, plastic is used by a broad range of commercial organisations, producing products for consumers and business. But how can businesses adapt to their customer’s demands to have less plastic in their lives? And how can that lead to commercial advantage?

What we do

With the strong likelihood of more stringent future regulation of plastics, those businesses that anticipate change and adapt early, will be able to make the most commercial advantage. We are working with a number of leading businesses to help them think through their relationship with plastic. As an NGO, our role is to stimulate critical strategic thinking inside the company to ensure that their use of plastic is where it adds the most value, and that their supply chain is also adapting to the changing business climate.

Following our hierarchical approach, we support Board-level leadership to understand their plastic challenge, and the opportunities ahead. There are already numerous examples where innovation and disruptive thinking has seen some companies develop new product lines, and secure new customers. This is critical as the solutions that emerge need to be focused on the ‘problems’ – and not be ‘knee jerk’. We identify the key metrics needed to inform decisions and engage staff on the issue, to develop the sustainability thinking at all levels.

Making the first step in this process can be daunting, particularly with often limited in-house knowledge or experience. Working with Plastic oceans, and our network, we can support your business transition on plastics.

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