Let's stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation

Plastic Oceans UK was the first charity focused on plastics, and have been experts on the issue for nearly a decade.

Plastic pollution is crippling the earth’s ecosystems. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. Our addiction to single-use is to blame.

We’re here to help combat plastic blindness. We provide easy ways to make a difference, as well as detailed materials so individuals and employees can discover the truth behind the plastic crisis. This will start to cultivate the right values to create a wave of change.

Plastic Rivers

Read our latest report in collaboration with Earthwatch Europe

This report sheds light on the most common plastic items clogging up our waterways, plus actions both consumers and businesses can take.

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Plastic Rivers: reducing the plastic pollution on our doorstep

Published in association with EarthWatch Europe This report aims to improve our understanding of which plastic items end up in our rivers and flow out into the ocean. It identifies key actions consumer can take, as well as how business and policy makers can support...

Talking Plastic: 5 Myths We Keep Hearing

By Jo Ruxton, CEO and Founder of Plastic Oceans UK During the past ten years I have attended various conferences and workshops in different countries. These have brought together politicians, scientists, NGOs and stakeholders with an interest in plastic waste and what...

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