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Our Programmes

We’ve been experts on plastic pollution for a decade. Through changing attitudes and behaviours on the use and value of plastics we can stop plastic pollution reaching the oceans within a generation. We deliver this through our education, science and sustainability programmes.


We are raising awareness of the issue and growing solutions by taking the messages to different audiences: schools and higher education, further education, individuals, communities, businesses, government and international development.


We fund reviews of the latest science from world leading scientists, translate that new knowledge into our education platform, and influence Government policy to take action. We also support innovative ‘natural capital’ research which reduces impacts, for example using natural wetlands to stop plastics reaching the ocean.


We are developing sustainable thinking at all levels, and working with a number of leading businesses to help them think through their relationship with plastic. Our role is to stimulate critical strategic thinking inside companies to ensure that the use of plastic is where it adds the most value and that their supply chain is also adapting to the changing business climate.