Plastic Oceans are honoured to have been chosen as this year’s Charity of Choice by The Gateways School, Leeds. As recipients of their fundraising achievements, we will continue to deliver our mission through education, science and policy, and change attitudes, behaviours and practices on the use and value of plastics.

To help the school to raise awareness of Plastic Oceans UK mission and the work we do, our Director of Education, Sylvie Verinder attended the school’s annual Careers Event on 11th October. As well as engaging with students, parents and teachers at our stand, Sylvie gave a talk about the opportunities which the environmental ocean plastic crisis presents – many of the girls were surprised at the wide ranging connections to the ocean plastic agenda – whether it was through a career in science as a marine biologist or chemical engineer; a career in film and media or marketing, in business or education – the links and the opportunity to be a part of the solutions present themselves in most career avenues.

Students in Years 7-10 didn’t miss out on the event – they attended the Plastic Oceans UK presentation which highlighted the key messages from the film and the actions we can take to help prevent plastic from getting into our oceans.

There was a tangible buzz around the school and we look forward to supporting the Gateways School with ideas and information to help them raise awareness with their peers and families and communities as well as with ideas for topical fund raising ideas. We will be looking to monitor how their awareness raising campaign impacts on attitudes and behaviours towards single use plastic. We will be following their progress through the year to see how they have been improving their plastic footprint!

Already the amazing catering staff were making massive efforts to reduce the single use plastic in the dining hall – well done and thanks for the delicious lunch!  Not a single piece of single use plastic in sight (cutlery, crockery, glasses for drinks all freshly produced wonderful food!).

As well as curriculum based educational materials for KS1 – 5, which will be free to download from our website (coming soon), we have teacher training e-learning in production; as well as bookable Ocean Science Days for KS2-4 in design as well as developing Plastic Oceans UK Tool Kits for monitoring and auditing plastic footprints.  

For schools who wish to support us by choosing Plastic Oceans UK as their chosen charity, we are keen to support these efforts to maximise the impact and awareness raising. Any funds raised and donated by schools will be utilised to support the delivery of our mission: to change attitudes towards single use plastic within a generation through education, sustainability and science.