Where can I participate in a beach or river clean-up?

We are not a beach cleaning organisation. However we prefer to focus our efforts on prevention methods in order to stop plastic reaching the oceans in the first place. However beach cleaning is necessary and a great way to raise awareness.

If you would like to take part in one, you can visit the National Trust’s website and find a beach clean near you. Visit their webpage here.

Where can I reclaim ocean plastic?

The best place to try find ocean plastic would be from beach cleaning organisations. If you are based in the South West, Beach Guardians organise these regularly and may be able to point you in the direction. Please contact Emily Stevenson for more information at: emily@beachguardian.co.uk

Surfers Against Sewage also arrange beach cleans and you can look for upcoming events at: www.sas.org.uk


I've fundraised for you, where can I send a donation?

If you would like to make an online donation, please visit our Just Giving page via this link.

Alternatively if you would like to donate via cheque, please send it to:

Plastic Oceans UK

First floor

IOMA House

Hope Street



Isle of Man

Registered UK Charity Number: 1139843

How do I organise a film screening?

That’s great you want to screen A Plastic Ocean. Please visit: www.aplasticocean.movie – this is where you can make an enquiry and learn more about screening fees. Additionally if you have questions, please speak to Willy who is on info@aplasticocean.movie .

How do I invite a speaker for an event?

We do participate in corporate speaker events, however fees depend on the business’ level of involvement. To make an enquiry, please contact: hello@plasticoceans.uk

How do I access fundraising materials?

If you are looking for some community fundraising ideas, then please contact: hello@plasticoceans.uk

How can I volunteer?

We always like to take on kind volunteers for events! Please check out our Events Page to see whether we have any events coming up. If you would like volunteer, it is best to contact: hello@plasticoceans.uk

Do you help students with their dissertations or other studies?

Unfortunately as we are such a small team means we are unable to respond to individual requests. However our Science Behind The Film document is a helpful resource that scientifically substantiates all findings from A Plastic Ocean. 

Additionally our Facts Behind Plastic Pollution page provides some more useful resources to facilitate your learning.

Are you a grant giving organisation?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide grants to those undertaking expeditions or scientific fieldwork overseas, at school, university or post‐graduate level.