Bit nippy?

Today we are introducing the amazing Alpha FMC into our Plastic Oceans UK Family!

We are delighted to announce that Alpha FMC has chosen Plastic Oceans UK as their Charity of the Year 2020. Throughout the year, the team shall be partaking in their own fundraising challenges to raise money for Plastic Oceans UK, whilst engaging in a more plastic positive mindset.

Whilst working remotely, the team has been split up into the four Hogwarts Houses to win house points at Alpha FMC. Personally, I am cheering on Team Slytherin! As you can see below, they are being put through their paces from the comfort (?!) of their own homes, and being very positively encouraged by their new at-home colleagues! Together, we are hoping to engage Alpha FMC colleagues and clients in striving toward becoming Plastic Intelligent.

These two are certainly enjoying their new commute to school

Alpha FMC is a leading financial management consultancy based in central London. However, they are more than just a service. Their team is constantly striving to give back to the community and create an open and sociable workspace. Recently, Alpha FMC led their own panel on “coming out as LGBTQ+ at work”, whilst several of the team also volunteer with a social mobility agency to give young people careers advice.

They are also VERY competitive – poor Joe had better keep an eye on that mini-golf trophy, the rest of the team are coming for you!

Keep up the amazing work Alpha FMC – we cannot wait to hear more about your fundraising efforts and look forward to our partnership with you.

If you would like to hear more about Alpha FMC’s work, then you can visit their website here. If you would like to get involved in your own challenges for Plastic Oceans UK, then you can contact us at