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The Importance of Science

Plastic Oceans UK operates using sound science and evidence. We fund reviews of the latest science, and maintain our education programme to ensure today’s learners become outstanding environmental citizens. We also support innovative ‘natural capital’ research which reduces impacts, for example using natural wetlands to stop plastics reaching the ocean.

The Science Behind the Film

Our document, A Plastic Ocean: The Science Behind The Film, was the first major evidence review published by an NGO and remains the most comprehensive publicly available document on plastic pollution. Working alongside the world renown Plymouth Marine Laboratory, we’ll be releasing an updated document in Autumn 2019.

We need support to work both with the scientists leading research, to translate that new knowledge into our education platform, and influence Government policy to take action. If want to support our vital work, please consider donating here.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Microplastics in Freshwater Environments
  • Microplastics in Mussels
  • Public Understanding of Plastic Pollution
  • Environmental Audit Committee