(Photo by Donald Giannatti from Unsplash)

You’ve heard it before right?
Less than 10% of people manage to achieve their New Year’s resolutions in normal times. Well these aren’t normal times!

Based on the best in behavioural science, here are our top tips to make any New Year’s resolution stick.

Increase your Chances of Sticking with it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wanting to do something for your health, finances, the planet or anything else! These tips will make it easier to make any positive change.

Identity-based Change
Think about who you want to be, not what you want to do. You can feel the difference in power between “I’m trying to quit smoking” versus “I’m not a smoker”. If for 2021 you decide to ‘be the type of person who cares for the environment’, as opposed to trying to ‘create less waste’, you’re much more likely to achieve that goal!

Environment matters
Did you know that a family who’s just moved house is more likely to start recycling, than one who’s lived on the same street a while? This is because a huge part of the ‘cue’ that triggers a particular habit is to do with location. A new space gives us an opportunity to link a new habit to it. Want to be more creative at home? Sit in a different place from where you’ve worked during the day! How could you use your space differently?

Declare it publicly
Once you’ve defined what it is you want to do, tell people!

Resolution Suggestions 

If you’re not sure what you want to change, here are a few suggestions we’re trying for 2021.

Want to connect with Nature?

When you wake up, listen. Wait until you can hear the birds.

Go for a walk once a week without any technology on you – no phone, no Fitbit, no boombox, nothing. Enjoy what you hear. Enjoy what you see.

Want to use less plastic?

Then change where you shop! Where you go to doesn’t even have to be better. But as above, it’s easier to form new habits in a new place where your brain has no associations.

Want to Buy Less Online?

Here’s one thing you can do to make it less likely – If you’ve got one, end your Amazon Prime subscription. This will probably be enough of an inconvenience to stop those little purchases that add up. And also, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is now available on 4OD, so what are you whingeing about? Ok, perhaps that’s only my personal barrier. But either way, making consumption harder and less obvious will make a difference.

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