We finally saw the vague hope of Spring last week, as one unexpectedly sunny Friday in the first week of March, saw us all tossing our winter coats aside and donning our slightly-less-insulated-but-still-puffy jackets on our commutes into the office. A man was even spotted removing his scarf – a rare moment of scandalous revelry.

Giddy from three hours of sun and a slight whiff of cider as some builders sat outside of a local pub, Melanie, Kavina, and Tamzin from our team journeyed westward to Kew Bridge, London, to partake in a Paddle & Pick with Active360.

Following a full-blown body work out to get into the actual wetsuit, Active360 gave us a lesson on how to paddleboard and we are pleased to report that, despite a few damp feet, none of us suffered soggy bottoms and we all stayed afloat, managing to fill the buckets with plastic waste from both water and shore – ranging from plastic bottles, oil canisters, and some rather upsetting sanitary items.

The event was co-ordinated by Slo Active founder, Janaya Wilkins and brought together representatives from local organizations, such as ExXpedition, The Whale Company, and Pogolution. These organizations all share the same passion as us: preventing plastic pollution and the shared belief that we should be responsible for looking after the oceans around us.

The occasion? To celebrate Alison Teal, ‘the female Indiana Jones’, coming to the UK to launch her latest publication, ‘Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World’, a compilation of her adventures to inspire and activate teenagers and young adults to take up their own call to the wild. Alison’s channel, ‘Alison’s Adventures’, has racked up an impressive 76.5K subscribers as she brings her worldly adventures to the screen for a whole new audience to enjoy.

Whilst we cannot report that we were motivated enough to fully strip down into matching pink bikinis and join Alison and her trusty pink surfboard – made from recycled materials – the entire event was absolutely inspirational: reminding us of the incredible community we have both across the Thames, and the Atlantic, all ready to come together and look after our shared neighbour: the ocean.

Many thanks to Janaya, Alison, and the team at Active360 for bringing us (and the sunshine) together.

Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the world’ is set to be published in the UK in May 2020, and is available for pre-order now.