To mark World Recycling Week, French Connection partnered with charity Plastic Oceans to launch a plastic free t-shirt. We’ve designed two white t-shirts branded with FCUK Plastic, a nod to their iconic 90’s campaign and our nostalgic identity. The t-shirts contain no plastic, are constructed in 100% cotton fabric, cotton thread, cotton care label and the dye used during manufacture is entirely made from a plastic-free pigment.

The charity, Plastic Oceans, is the UK’s first plastic pollution charity. Launched in 2009 by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman, its mission is to raise awareness of plastic pollution as a call to action to protect the worlds vulnerable oceans.

Plastic Oceans Foundation work to educate, provide scientific evidence and offer sustainability programmes to anyone who will listen – universities, government, businesses, teachers, schools and individuals. They want to change our overall behaviour and relationship with plastic, with the hope that we can clean up our oceans.