The Holidays are a time to reflect and relax this holiday season. It’s been an unforgettable year. There has been so much to digest and it’s about time we thought about the future and the new ways we can go forward.

Why not try a podcast to unwind? Spark your curiosity by listening to The Sea Has Many Voices.

This ocean podcast is for all ages, hosted by renowned Oceanographer and Explorer, Dr. Greg Stone. Greg has been an advocate for ocean conservation, sustainable industry, and marine research for decades. His messages seek to ignite conversations and collaboration in order to bring about environmental sustainability.

We’re particularly excited by, S1 E3 – Wyland – Artist. In this episode Greg talks to Robert Wyalnd, a conservationist, best known for his more than 100 Whaling Walls, large outdoor murals featuring images of life-size whales and other sea life. They discuss how art is a powerful tool to engage and connect young people to the ocean and how working with millions of kids throughout the world, has led to a new generation of advocates for the ocean. The podcast provides optimism and positivity for future, as the new wave of environmentalists take action.

 “My investment has always been with young people, if we can share what we know through art and science, we can inspire them to become ambassadors to our planet.” – we couldn’t agree more.

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