Team Roaring40s!

Amid all of the current chaos, we want to shed some positive light on the amazing feats people around the world are dedicated to participating in, no matter the weather! The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge is a cross Atlantic rowing race, where crews compete as soloists, or up to teams of four. Founded in 1997, the race follows the treacherous route that Columbus’ fleets took – the 3,000 miles from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, starting at the beginning of December 

Who is the daring duo taking on this challenge? Plastic Oceans are proud to introduce you to Team Roaring40s! Comprised of two friends, Dan Wise and Ian Yates, the team has been training in Mallorca together as they prepare for the race. The countdown has already begun, as they are due to step up to the starting line at the beginning of December.  

Our Intrepid Twosome


And the vessel that shall be carrying our mighty warriors? Standing at just 7.3m in length and 1.7m acrossthis shall be their home for two whole months. The cheerful duo has stated that it will have enough space for a nap! Speaking of naps, the pair have outlined the plan to work two-hour shifts: Going two hours rowing, then two hours for napping, food, and other maintenance. Allegedly, the most “efficient” way to maintain energy – personally, I prefer an 8-hour sleep and several rest days, which is probably why I shall not be taking part.  

When asked about the struggles of the challenge, the team referred to Ben Fogle’s, “The Crossing”, which lists the trials and tribulations of the task at hand: “Saltwater abrasion of the hands, bum sores, mental fatigue, motion sickness, dehydration. All that on top of the indignity of defecating in a bucket.” 

How does one prepare for this, you may ask? Well, we didn’t delve any deeper into the lavatory logistics, but the team can be regularly found at Crossfit Mallorca, under the watchful eye of Cathy Clarke, who has been putting them through their paces to up their physical core strength and stamina.  The pair are expecting to lose 12KG each of body mass as they row and shall also be stocking up on freeze-dried meals of 12,000 calories a day to keep them going. 

Whilst I can’t say I envy them at all, I am so impressed to see the dedication, focus, and stamina that Team Roaring40s is showing! We wish them all the best with their continued training and look forward to seeing them cross the finish line 

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