We’ve got that Friday Feeling…

The most stylish litter-picker around


This Friday, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the incredible Isla!

Isla is six years old and has been inspiring all of us at Plastic Oceans UK. Decked out in her personalized neon pink safety gear, Isla is on a mission to collect 100 bags of litter from her home town. She has bravely traversed over nature reserves, beaches, and car parks – leaving no area unturned in her fight against plastic pollution. She has been raising money for Plastic Oceans UK whilst she picks up litter, helping to stop plastic from reaching the ocean.

She has found an amazing amount of rubbish. Highlights include fast food packaging, plastic cutlery, and lots of dog poo bags! Isla has been working non-stop to collect her bags of rubbish, going above and beyond to pick up litter during the weekends and after school too.

Thanks to this amazing Ocean Ambassador who despite being just 6 is already taking care of our ocean. So many lessons to learn from our youngsters! – Jo Ruxon, Founder

She has had the support of her mummy and daddy, who are accompanying her on her litter picks. They are ensuring that she remains safe and uses the proper equipment.

Isla’s Mission

Isla started her mission as she wished to reduce plastic in the ocean. She said that a big part of wanting to pick up litter is because the plastic in the ocean can make turtles stuck, and this made her sad. This is sadly, very true. It is predicted that 52% of turtles worldwide have consumed plastic, with all seven species of sea turtle known to get entangled in discarded plastic in the oceans. Turtles can also mistake floating plastic as tasty treats, such as jellyfish, which leads to higher consumption rates.

Isla has been raising money for Plastic Oceans UK, and has already raised over £1000! Thank you to everyone who has supported Isla so far.

It is very fair to say that we should all #BeMoreIsla. Keep up the amazing work, Isla!

If you would like to keep up to date with Isla’s Big Clean, then you can follow her progress on her Just Giving Page, here. If you would like to find out more about turtles and plastic, then you can visit our facts page on our website. To get in touch with your own inspiring stories, then you can email hello@plasticoceans.uk

All images courtesy of Kerry Riordan, Isla’s mummy.