On this very unlucky day, we thought we would shed some light on some of the amazing community members that we have…

Thumbs up to some of our rising stars


We wanted to have a look at some of the young people that have been very busy in their communities these past few weeks.

We have been incredibly lucky to have been chosen as one of the charity partners for the Leeds RAG Charity Fashion Show, alongside Hubbub. They highlighted the impact of fast fashion and the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. The models look absolutely stunning and they raised a whopping £27,000 for their charities! A huge well done to Zoe Burton and the rest of the events co-ordinator team for putting on such a slick, professional, and informative night.

Next up we have the pupils of Kings of Wessex Academy. Led by their head boy, Harris Peters, the school ran an incredibly successful Charites’ Week. By taking part in small challenges and fundraising events throughout the week, they raised an incredible £10,000 to be split between their three chosen charities. We are very impressed by their creativity and stamina shown across the Senior Student Team to create an engaging week.

Following the trend of inspiring students is young Darcey Cassidy from Shevington High School. Herself, alongside her friends Jessica Taggart and Abigail Cullen from Class 7.3, organised a whole school run and bake sale to raise awareness for the environment. Getting both the local press and the Mayor of Wigan to come down and support, Darcey and co. have proven themselves to be true ambassadors of their local community and the environment – we cannot wait to see what they get up to next! Well done girls!

Finally, we have two superstars, Eliza Kemp and Anna Acworth, who have been bringing the needs of the environment to the attention of passers-by on their road. The pair, aged 8 years old, raised £65.09 to be donated to Plastic Oceans UK to help end plastic pollution and preserve marine life and freshwater sources. We are very grateful to have such young and motivating members of the community.

Thank you so much for all that you have done, and all of the creative ways of raising both funds and awareness!

So, we ask everyone else, #WhatsYourNextChallenge?